Friday, 28 March 2014



Morning Everyone, Just a little update on a few of the things we will be adding next Month.

-First of all, the design is going to be completely changed, a whole new looking design to support Banner Spaces and to better display our features. Most of you know now, we are a TRADING based ADVERTISING site.

-More Monitors with MNO upgraded to PRE-LISTING.

-More hired Staff to Advertise the site, with Banners being purchased as well, to spread the Promotion of the site.

-New Payment options, i wanted OKPAY but it seems they do not accepted sites like ours anymore, so BITCOIN and PAYEER and the ones we can have.

There are more, but these are the main things being added in APRIL.

Admin Elizabeth Howgate

Saturday, 1 March 2014


A New Report for February 2014 here. As you can see AGAIN it's an Epic success, as always. The last few years have been the same, and with this sound and solid technique it's always fun.

The few losses i had were make up by 25-30 successful trades per loss made.

I will also post some previous Trading Results as well below this Months.
If you want to see them all, visit the Trading Section of the site HERE

Previous Results Below:


We have now added MNO as one of our Advertising sources. MNO - Money News Online is by far the best Monitor site there is, with Reviews, Updates and a Shout Box for Members.

If you would like to read the MNO Introduction on X-AXIS INC you can do so HERE.

MNO should be doing a Review i think after their first payment is processed.

Friday, 28 February 2014


Having been open 1 month from Monday. It seems like a very unnoticeable achievement.

You would also be right to think that. However the changes we have made and how popular we have become is the real achievement. 

We are now passed 2 cycles of investments, profit has been made, capital is rising and the site is changing every day.

Our Alexa is growing, more people are joining and promoting the site, we have a great bunch of ideas for the future. People would not have seen the idea of a trading site with advertising as an idea that many Admins would be able to do. But... We are doing exactly that, this month we took our first steps at adding Banner spots to the site, at extremely low prices, we have our own group and team of people who's sole job it is to find advertisers, with Forex Brokers accepting only 100k Alexa Rank sites, it will be some time before our banner spots are sold out and regularly to Brokers, but it will happen for sure.

I am however pleased to say our banners are getting a little bit of attention because of our many traffic sources linking to our site, and the site itself is stable and paying as it will always be.

Thank you for being with us from DAY 1 and i am sure this is only the beginning of a long journey and a first for Advertising based Forex sites.

Join us on Facebook HERE, or check out our sites latest Trading Reports HERE.

Roll on March!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


As some of you may have noticed on the Website or in our latest News Letters, the site is spreading in terms of the space we have. We have a very unique and custom made script, allowing us to add more text and Banners. We spoke about the site becoming the first Advertising based HYIP. We don't like or see ourselves as a HYIP but we have a site and script that most HYIPs use but we have have ability to add Banner spots, most HYIP script do not allow this. With real Trading and Banner Advertising it will be the first in the Industry. We do not depend on Deposits or the Banner spots being sold, because we trade with our own funds, this makes our site the most stable and dependable. With Banner Advertising we can spend money on making the site bigger and better. 

Every day as our Alexa and Traffic grows, we can help more and more Site Owners and Referrals get the best from our Advertising service and help boast their traffic as well. Helping us expand the site even more, in turn increasing our traffic. The perfect system, that allows X-AXIS INC to stay open and never needing to close.

Sunday, 23 February 2014


As of today we have taken on Reps. We have a Referral System and Bonus structure for any REPS. However we have decided to make certain Key members Reps already, because of there importance and the amount they help with the site they will serve as Representatives of their country for X-AXIS INC. 

These REPS will have the chance to team build more because of the amount of people passed on to them, in exchange they will help all members from their Country passed on by us or found online/offline. This gives them a great chance to build a team, earn commission and bonuses and help those under them. REPS are great at communicating, team building and showing great enthusiasm about our Company.

If you would like to BECOME A REP of X-AXIS INC, contact us on Facebook

We will be having a maximum of 2 REPS per Country with no limit of Countries being Represented. (Anyone made a REP will not be given Bonuses or extra REF COM until they reach the Acquired Level)

Thursday, 20 February 2014


A few people have been asking about possible payment options for the future, such as Payza, Paypal, Money Brookers AKA Skrill, Bitcoin and a few others.

I can safely say, as for getting all the above and more, it would be a very easy and done without any real problems, however in Forex and the platforms we use, we must be careful about what we accept and getting money exchanged. Solid Trust Pay is fine because they accept Registered Exchangers, but other payment options need to be carefully thought though first.

For the future i am sure we will have a vase amount of different payment processors and options available to you. For now only PM, EGOPAY, STP and WU will be accepted. In a few months we will add 1-2 different options for you, once they are researched completely.

Saturday, 15 February 2014


I would like our members to know that EGOPAY the popular PP has decide to close and stop all US based accounts, strange because i thought EGOPAY was a more lenient way to allow Hyip investing created by Payza, but i guess they are doing the same as PM did.

So if you are a member with us and you are from the US, i would get your funds out and exchange before 28th February.

Our Egopay account is fine however. So there is nothing to worry about, just thought i would update our US based clients of the change in Egopay's policy.

Friday, 14 February 2014


Only yesterday we spoke about WU being added in the future, but we decided we needed to add it sooner rather than later. So we have now added Western Union to the site as a payment option. People from anywhere in the World will be able to Login, simply read the Instructions in the Back Office of your Account and place a WU order. 

Full Instruction of how to deposit using Western Union with X-AXIS INC:

1) Login to your X-AXIS INC account. If you are not a member, simply CLICK on the Registration Button on the Home page.

2) When in the back office of Your Account, CLICK, Make Deposit.

3) You will not given 4 options, STP, PM, EGOPAY and the New WU option. After clicking on WU, you can then complete the very short form of filling in your Account name and the Amount you wish to deposit.

After we receive your request we will reply to your email address within 24 hours with rather instructions. 


Anyone that deposits with WU must wait until the payment is cleared, taking up 5 business days and in the return EMAIL, you must state what PP you would like the money to be added in your account, you must select PM, EGOPAY and STP. That amount may be exchanged back to WU and sent as WU to you after your Deposit Matures only if you wish, or you keep the amount as PM, STP or EGOPAY. WANT TO KNOW MORE? Contact and speak to the CEO on FACEBOOK. 

Need to know if and where your nearest WU agency is?

Thursday, 13 February 2014


Welcome to the world of Social Media, X-Axis INC will soon be a Global Company with a number of ways to connect with it's Members and Clients around the World.

FACEBOOK is the Main focus of our Support and Customer service.
If anyone would like to join our Facebook support group, you can do HERE
Where we have over 5000 Members and 3 active Admins.

Or if you would like a more personable response to your questions and quires, you can add the CEO of X-AXIS INC HERE

X-AXIS INC is currently only on Facebook right now, not Twitter.